APSA Artist Program 2020, curated by Joshua Hyde

A new creative outlet for students of the academy. Open to students of all ages, designed for students who have a desire to take their practice to the next level through collaboration, composition, improvisation, and the curation of sound, ideas, movement, images, text, and gesture.

Moving from ‘classical saxophonist’ to ‘saxophonist, musician and artist’.

Classical saxophone is the study of our instrument, the saxophone. This is a necessary element of our training as artists, and it encompasses a culture, literature and history that is important to mastering our instrument of choice. The next step towards becoming an artist is to take this instrument, our musical tool, and use it as a means of interacting, transmitting, amplifying, changing, and reflecting our individual and collective societies.

Students who wish to be part of the program will be encouraged to come to the sessions with elements of their practice that are already prepared. The sessions are not designed to be the first step in the learning process for these practices, nor are they to be the first step in a new work. The students should arrive with work ready to present, discuss and perform.

Over the course of the sessions we will discuss and refine each student’s work, and find a way to articulate the works together through a collective performance. This performance will be undertaken by the students, and where necessary collaborators, faculty members, external musicians, and myself. This project will be overseen by myself and another member of the faculty.

Students will be required to apply separately for the artist program, and will need to register below by June 10th 2019.
Between 5 to 10 Students will be selected for the 2019 Artist Program.

Young Artist Concert 2019


* Possible types of creative work:
Collaboration with composer (presentation of a new work), composition (presentation of your own work), improvisation, collaboration with dance/projected image or film/theatre, sound installation, and more.

°  Describing your influences, motivations, concept, etc.