Asia Pacific Saxophone Competition 2017

(Quartet Category)

The Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy is proud to announce the first Asia Pacific Saxophone Competition. The competition will be held on August 3-10, 2017 at College of Music, Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand, as a part of the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy 2017. There are THREE categories: Youth Soloist Category, Quartet Category, and Ensemble Category.

General Information

The competition (Quartet Category) will be held on August 9th -10th, 2017 at College of Music, Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand, as a part of the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy 2017.

The competition is opened to saxophone quartet of all nationalities, with average age below 25 as of August 9th, 2017. The competitors’ birth date must be verified at the competition site with the competitors’ official government document. (See Application Guidelines section)

This competition will have TWO rounds. First round will be held on August 9th, 2017. Second round which is also the final round will be held on August 10h, 2017.

The competition is part of the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy 2017. Participation is required in the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy for every member of the quartet. You have the option of signing up as an active participant or observer and would be required to pay the competition fee as well as the participation fee. For further information, please visit


1st Prize:

50,000 Thai Baht Cash

1 D’Addario Winner Pack (worth 14000 – 17000 Thai Baht)

Trophy and Certificate


2nd Prize: Trophy and Certificate

3rd Prize: Trophy and Certificate


Possible additional prizes may be granted before 31st December 2016.


Application Guidelines

Registration method:

  • Sign up on the official website:
  • Make Payment.
  • Send payment confirmation with recent passport (to be included in program booklet), photocopies of passport of all members.
  • Send the following materials via email:

-          Passport photo from each member or group photo for program book

-          Copies of Passport, ID, or driver license from each member

-          Curriculum vitae of the quartet

-          Choice of program (for second round)

-          Clearly scanned music (for second round)

  • Received confirmation email from the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy official email account.

Entry Fee: 4000 Thai Baht + INDIVIDUAL Active Participant/Observer Rates of Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy 2017 (4000 + 500 Thai Baht administration fee per EACH Thai participants).

Application deadline is on March 15, 2017

Competitors will be informed of their acceptance into the competition by April 15, 2017. Competitors who do not receive confirmation by April 15, 2017 are advised to contact the organizer through e-mail to


This competition will have TWO rounds. The first round consists of 2 compulsory pieces. The second round consist of 2 free choices of any contrasting pieces.

Order of program is in competitor’s own choice.

Cuts in solo parts are not permitted. Repeats are left to the discretion of entrant.

A maximum of 5 quartets will be admitted into the second (final) round. The organizing committee reserves the right to allow less than 5 quartets to advance to the second round.

Repertoires of Round 1

2 compulsory pieces

Perpetual Motion by Narong Prangcharoen (Theodore Presser)

Quartette (Allegro de Concert) by Caryl Florio (Edition Peters)

Repertoires of Round 2

2 contrasting pieces in own choice. The program must be different in styles; pop music is not allowed.

The total on-stage performance time is 20 minutes for first round; 25 minutes for second round, include on and off stage.

Repertoires of the first round cannot be repeated in second round.

Competitor has the choice of choosing complete work or multiple movements for second round. The choice of repertoires at the time of application is final. No changes or modifications are permitted.


There will be a minimum of 5 judges for each round. There will be a change in judges for the 2 different rounds. The results will be based on an average score of all results collected.  Members of the jury may not judge a competitor in the competition who is a student or former student of theirs. In this context "student" means a competitor who has been a regular student of one of the members of the jury throughout a complete academic year.

During each round, the jury reserves the right to stop any performance exceeding the time limit. Judging will be done based on performance before the bell. There is no penalty should the bell be rung.

Results will be calculated and in the event of a tied results, the president of the jury of each round will be the deciding vote. All decisions are absolute and there will be no appeals.

There will be comment sheets written by the juries and will be returned to the eliminated competitor at the end of each round.

Names of the judges will be announced after the registration deadline of the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy 2017.

General Guidelines

All travel and accommodation cost are to be at the expense of the competitors. Competitors have the option of staying at the official hotel as part of the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy 2017 when selecting your package to the competition and academy.

All Rounds are open to the public.

The quartet will perform in an order fixed by drawing lots, which will take place on August 6th, 2017. The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse the participation of any competitors absent from the drawing.

The quartet must consist of the same FOUR members at any time. Members are allowed to change the saxophones they perform on during the course of their performance. The use of additional instrumentation or electronic equipment is strictly prohibited.

Competitor must use original music if not playing from memory. Entrants using photocopies or PDFs downloaded from the Internet may be disqualified.

Music of second round have to be clearly scanned with high resolution. Photo or other format are not accepted. Each quartet must provide the judge(s) five full score on the day of registration in Thailand.

Any competitors who does not show proof of age will be disqualified.

The organizing committee of the competition is authorized to admit competitor to the competition only upon receipt of complete applications.

All fee and payment are non-refundable, except special curriculum. Organizing committee of the competition remains the right to decide based on each special case.

If a competitor is unable, by reason of illness or unforeseeable circumstances, to perform in the competition after he or she has done the drawing of lots, the organizing committee of the competition may consider a refund up to only 50% of the application fee of the competition.

If a competitor is unable, by reason of illness or unforeseeable circumstances, to be present at the announcement of the results of the first round or the semi‐final, he or she must provide an explanation as soon as possible. In such situations, Competitor has to designate someone to represent him or her.

Competitor forfeit all rights to remuneration through broadcast by radio, television or other media formats.

Competitor may not sign up with two or more quartets. However, eligible competitors may also enter the Youth Soloist or Saxophone Ensemble Competition, but they must submit a separate application and separate entry fee for each category entered.

All communications will be sent via the official email ( Any information from other sources are not valid without an official email notification or response.

Results to be announced at the final concert on August 10th, 2017 at 1900hrs.

English is the only official language. In the case of unclear information, decision will be made based on English version.