About APSA

Since 2014, Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy (APSA) has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon, welcoming students and teachers from all over the world to participate. Started by the Amigo saxophone quartet, it has gone on to expand its student intake by over 200% in just 5 years. APSA is coveted for consistently ensuring a resounding exposure for our reputable sponsors and partners. Only the very best are accepted into APSA faculty, with a handful of only 20 faculty members around the world handpicked every year.  Held at Rangsit University, ASPA 2019 welcomes students not just to lessons, but also exclusive master classes by the faculty members of their choice. To accommodate the ever growing student intake, the jazz program will be expanded to include more interested participants. Throughout the camp period, student participants will be have the wonderful opportunity to be exposed to 2-3 concerts and around 8 recitals, a once in a lifetime experience that will truly be a camp to remember. 

DATE OF EVENT: JULY 23-28, 2019

Rangsit University

This year we are very honoured to collaborate with the Conservatory of Music from Rangsit University to host the Asia Pacific Saxophone Academy. Boasting world-class facilities like a full-size concert hall and multiple sound proof rooms with various sizes that suits the difference needs of the musicians. Each room is also equipped with a piano and all fully air-conditioned. We are confident that with the guidance of the APSA teachers with the great facilities, the experience of the participants will improve tremendously!

Tinidee Hotel & Golf Resort

Owned by MBK Hotel & Tourism Co. Ltd, an important division of MBK Group, Tinidee Hotel@Bangkok Golf Club is managed by a dedicated, highly professional team with more than 30 years experience in the tourism and hospitality market.

A stylish resort dedicated to providing first class business and leisure facilities, Tinidee Hotel@Bangkok Golf Club is situated between two superb championship golf courses and has high class, modern health and fitness facilities to compare with the best. State-of-the-art business and function facilities, with proficient, professional technical and organizational support, makes the resort an ideal location for meetings, seminars, conferences and social functions.

Less than an hour from Bangkok, but in a world of difference – less noise, pollution, traffic, more peace and quiet – the resort offers city-matching facilities for business, leisure and tourist visitors at highly affordable rates.

Tinidee“, in Thai, translates as “A Good Place”, and we believe that’s what you will find here. Warm-hearted, well-balanced, well-appointed, a place that will fulfill all your expectations.



Each student will be assigned a primary teacher and will attend 2 lessons with that primary teacher. They will also be assigned to 2 other teachers and will have 1 lesson with each teacher. In summary , each student will be entitled to 4 lessons (45 minutes each) by 3 teachers.


Each student will be assigned to a primary teacher and will be taking 3 lessons with that primary teacher. They will also be assigned to another teacher and will have 1 lessons with that teacher. In summary , each student will be entitled to 4 lessons (45 minutes each) by 2 teachers.